Man cries after getting arrested at Punggol Plaza for allegedly taking photos of woman in toilet

Submitted by Stomper Ying Wei

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Stomper Ying Wei was at Punggol Plaza at around 8.30pm yesterday (Oct 30) when he noticed a commotion.

From what the Stomper had gathered, a man had allegedly been caught red-handed taking photos of a woman in the toilet.

He was caught when a woman screamed and grabbed his phone.

Said Ying Wei:

"The guy ran off but two guys managed to block him.

"One guy held him by the collar but the culprit punched him.

"Then, another man came to help and they managed to bring him down before the police arrived."

According to the Stomper, the man was crying.

A police spokesperson provided Stomp with the following statement:

"On 30 Oct at 7.57pm, police received a call for assistance at 168 Punggol Field.

"A man was arrested for criminal trespass and insulting the modesty of a woman.

"Police investigations are ongoing."