Where's the love? Man and woman rain blows on one another at Ubi carpark, but no one intervenes

How would you react if you saw a man and woman throwing punches and kicks at each other, smack in the middle of the road?

That was the questions many netizens were faced with when a video of such a tussle was posted on All Singapore Stuff.

The clip shows a van driver and woman coming to blows at a carpark, reportedly in Ubi.

The guy throws punches and kicks at the woman, and even sends her crashing to the road at one point.

The woman, for her part, also retaliates with her own punches and kicks, and refuses to stay down despite taking a fair number of hits.

The man eventually gets back into his van and drives away.

The woman retrieves her footwear and personal belongings which were scattered all over the road during the dispute.

She then walks to a block nearby.

Though the incident was all about the fight, the clip has sparked a heated debate among netizens about the actions of the man who filmed it.

While he can be heard speaking in the background while filming it, no one stepped up to stop the fight, apart from some motorists who sounded their horns.

Many questioned why the one who was filming did not stop the fight, while others argued that he might not be physically capable of stopping the fight.

The overwhelming majority, however, seemed to agree that it would have been more appropriate for him to stop the fight or call the police, rather than simply filming it.

What would you have done in this situation?