Man accused of bullying senior at hawker centre also threatened neighbour

A 46-year-old tuition centre director who bullied an elderly man at a hawker centre in Toa Payoh is now being accused of similar behaviour by his neighbour.

The man and his 39-year-old wife were seen in a viral clip, which multiple Stompers alerted Stomp to, swearing at and shoving the elderly man at the hawker centre in Toa Payoh. 

An eyewitness to the incident, Ms Janice Lim, posted on that the woman had yelled and hurled vulgarities at the elderly man for sitting at the table that she had 'reserved'.

The man, who also reportedly owns two other businesses - a higher learning institute and renovation company, then rushed in and shoved the elderly man.

Netizens initially claimed that both the man and woman were UOB staff, but the bank responded to Stomp's queries and clarified that the couple did not work for them

The elderly man's daughter also took to Facebook to voice her outrage at what had happened to her father.

 The couple was subsequently arrested by police after several reports and a petition were made about the incident.

Now, a man who is allegedly the neighbour of the couple staying at an apartment block in Balestier says that he had got into a dispute with the tuition centre director over a year ago, according to a Lianhe Wanbao report

The neighbour, who reportedly did not want to be named, told the Chinese daily that he had done some grocery shopping that day and was returning home with two large bags.

However, he said that when he stepped out of the lift on the sixth floor, the man "appeared not to see me and deliberately knocked into me" while rushing into the elevator.

The neighbour was incensed and wanted to confront the man, but the 46-year-old grabbed his wrist and put his face close to his to taunt him: "Hit me, I'm standing here for you to hit".

He said that he made a police report about the incident, but learned that the man had done likewise, alleging that the neighbour had hit him.

The Balestier resident also said that CCTV footage shows the tuition centre director using his leg to force open the main gate to the private estate.

The neighbour alleges that the man returned back to the estate late one night and realised that the security guard was not around.

When he got frustrated that he could not get past the gate, he supposedly got out of the car and used his right leg to pry it open.

The man reportedly drives a Porsche and is the chairman of the private estate's managing body committee. 

The resident also alleges that the man revs his engine loudly in the wee hours of the night, disturbing neighbours.