Malaysian S'pore PR who cursed S'poreans to be infected by Zika virus does not work at ExxonMobil

Netizen Bosco Chew who cursed Singaporeans to be infected by the Zika virus does not work at ExxonMobil.

Chew mentioned on his Facebook account before deactivating it that he is a Senior Business Analyst at ExxonMobil Oil. According to netizens and his own comments, the Malaysia-born individual is a Singapore permanent resident who works in Singapore now.

A spokesperson from ExxonMobil Singapore however has clarified that Bosco Chew is not working at the company.

She told Stomp:

"We do not have an employee by the name of Bosco Chew in ExxonMobil Singapore.

"ExxonMobil’s policies prohibit all forms of discrimination in any company workplace, anywhere in the world. 

"We support a work environment that values diversity and inclusion, and have numerous inclusive programs and policies that help make ExxonMobil a great place to work."

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Two days ago (Sep 3), Stomper Ah Boy alerted Stomp to comments made by Bosco Chew that got local netizens riled up.

He criticised Singaporeans for being keyboard warriors and for having "nothing to do" in retaliation to comments under a news post regarding vehicles needing to be sprayed with insect repellant before entering Malaysia.

He then hit out and "cursed" Singaporeans to be infected by the Zika virus "non-stop".