Majestic new mosque in Woodlands is S'pore's latest architectural wonder

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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An upcoming five-storey mosque along Woodlands Drive 17 is set to be one of the biggest in Singapore.

Stomper Kannan captured several stunning pictures of the beautiful building and shared:

"If one happens to travel to Woodlands along Drive 17 near Christchurch Secondary School, they will not miss this huge building which is currently a standalone mosque with no surrounding buildings beside it.

"The five-storey huge structure is the latest mosque in Singapore that seems to be nearing completion.

"It is set to be one of the biggest mosque in Singapore and expected to accommodate up to to 4,200 worshippers according to past media reports.

"The significance of this beautiful structure is , the mosque is named after our First President, Encik Yusof Bin Ishak

"The intriguing part of this majestic structure is the incorporation of a distinctive features like overhangs and a verandah.

"From afar, the crescent moon combined with a star could also be spotted on top of the contemporary minaret design.

"At night, the building resembles a mini palace and certainly a beautiful architectural landmark in the northern part of Singapore which certainly will attract people to sigh in awe!

"In time to come, it may even be a national monument of historical significance."

Kannan also previously also contributed photos of the mosque to Stomp's Instagram page:


Another beautiful shot from Kannan showing the up-and-coming mosque in Woodlands.

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