LTA officers impound power assisted bike capable of going at 80km/h during routine check

Land Tansport Authority (LTA) officers who were doing a routine check along Woodlands Street 83 and Woodlands Avenue 4 impounded a rider's power assisted bicycle (PAB) that is capable of going at speeds of up to 80km/h.

According to a post on the LTA's Facebook page, The officers were doing a periodic enforcement operation against the riding of non-compliant and unregistered vehicles on roads.

That was when they caught the rider, whose bike had a motor capable of going at speeds of up to 80km/h.

The non-compliant PBA has since been impounded, and the rider is currently assisting LTA with investigations.

Said the LTA in its Facebook post:

"We would like to remind everyone that only LTA-approved PABs affixed with an LTA seal, and in compliance with the following rules, are allowed for use on the roads.

"LTA will continue to conduct regular enforcement against errant PAB riders and unregistered vehicle drivers, to ensure the safety of all users.

"Let us all stay safe this holiday season and ride into a better 2017 ahead!"