Lorry driver skids and slams into vehicle and wall -- after jamming on brakes to avoid car that had crashed

Submitted by Stomper Xin Ling

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Stomper Xin Ling saw a chain collision occur at 7.42am yesterday (Oct 14) along Farrer Road, heading towards Queensway.

The Stomper was travelling along the same road  when multiple cars in front of the lorry collided.

The lorry driver hit the brakes hard, but the road was slippery due to rainfall.

The lorry ended up skidding and crashing into a car and a wall.

"Just wanted to share to let all drivers know that accidents do occur anytime and even under the most unpredictable circumstances," said Xin Ling. 

"Be alert at all times and let's contribute to a safer road journey for everyone."