Lorry catches on fire at Central Expressway towards Braddell

Submitted by Stomper Gerald, Serene

Stomper Serene and Stomper Gerald alerted Stomp to an incident where a lorry caught on fire on the Central Expressway  (CTE) going towards Braddell yesterday (Dec 12) at 9.35pm.

Serene mentioned how she was driving along the road and caught sight of the fire. 

She said, "What was weird was the lorry was just left there, in the middle of the road while all the rest of the cars pass by.

"No one could be seen near it."

Gerald mentioned how the fire was quite big when he was driving pass in the taxi.

Both Stomper's journey however were not affected that much as the traffic was not so jammed.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has confirmed that they were alerted to a vehicle which caught on fire at 9.35pm yesterday (Dec 12) and dispatched two fire engines and one red rhino. 

The fire was extinguished using one water jet and there were no reported injuries.