Like that also can ah? 'Sleeping Beauty' chills like a boss on display bed for over 30 minutes

Submitted by Stomper Geraldine

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Stomper Geraldine was at Bukit Timah Plaza yesterday (Mar 16) at around 8pm when she saw a man on a display bed.

In a photo the Stomper sent, the man clad in a green polo T-shirt and jeans can be seen lying on the bed with his arms folded.

Said the Stomper with regard to what she saw:

"I first saw the man sleeping on the bed at around 8pm.

"I peeked at the area again at around 8.10pm and he was still there.

"When I was about to leave the mall at 8.30pm, he was sleeping.

"He looked quite buff and fierce, so maybe the staff did not dare to approach him.

"There were a few customers who looked stunned, but they did not try to wake the man up."