Lighted candles leave wax mess at Yishun and Woodlands Lantern Festival celebrations

Submitted by Stomper Ah Boy, Alice

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Stompers Ah Boy and Alice saw many people lighting wax candles as part of Lantern Festival celebrations near Yishun MRT Station and Woodlands Drive 50 yesterday (Sep 11) night.

Ah Boy was passing by Yishun MRT Station when he noticed that the candles were dripping wax onto the ground at courtyard and grass areas, leaving a mess.

"I believe the organiser of the RC can do a better job on wax pollution during lantern festival celebration," said Ah Boy. 

"Rather than allowing their guests to light candles, and of cause everyone know the property of candle wax.

"Not easy to remove for cleaners and it will make our clean city.

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"Can you imagine the aftermath of the candle mess tomorrow?

"Hope the organiser can provide some sand trays or something which won't catch fire and polluteour public ground," added the Stomper.

Stomper Alice, who spotted a similar event going on at Woodlands Drive 50 yesterday night (Sep 11) also asked, "Should lighting of candles in park during the Lantern Festival be 'controlled'?

"Think of the safety of the children and park users. Many children are with no adult supervision," she added.