Lewd act at NTU orientation: We screen all freshmen events

NTU says all activities involved in its Freshmen Orientation Camps are screened by the university, and student organisers have been advised to remove any inappropriate acts.

This came in response to an article in STOMP, which showed sexually suggestive photos, apparently involving NTU students during an NTU orientation event.

The photos were sent in by STOMPer Kenneyboy46, who found them on a social-networking website.

The STOMPer said:

"One or two years back, there were already reports on our local universities having some orientation activities which consist of suggestive interactions between male and female students.

"Why aren't anything done by the universities and why are they still allowing such activities to continue?"

An NTU spokesperson said in his reply:

"Freshmen Orientation Camps (FOC) organised by the various student organisations are screened by the university.

"Student organisers have been advised to remove any inappropriate activities.

"Any activity that causes embarrassment or loss of dignity or well being to another student is deemed as 'ragging' and the university will take action against students who commit this offence."

NTU says it will be following up with the student organisers.