'Nightmare' organisation leaves fans spending more time queuing than enjoying Guns N' Roses concert

Simran Panaech
Sunday, Feb 26, 2017

It was like "knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door" to get drinks and food at the Guns N' Roses concert. Even "a little patience" didn't help much.

Guns N' Roses delivered a stellar 3-hour performance at the Changi Exhibition Centre last night (Feb 25) to a crowd of 50,000 but that can't be said true for its organisers LAMC Productions.

Their Facebook page has been inundated with complaints from the public for the "nightmare" organisation, as some commentators put it.

LAMC noticed the complaints and posted that they "pledge to refund the unspent RFID credits." But their post has not sat well with many.

Those who bought tickets to the concert got RFID wristbands that allows for cash top-ups so that actual money need not be exchanged at the venue.

Unfortunately, concert-goers spent a lot of their time lining up - from topping up their credits, to separate food and drinks lines, toilet queues, merchandise queues, entry into and exit from the venue as well as lining up for the shuttle buses.

There seemed to be more waiting in line than the actual enjoyment of the concert.

What made it worse was after all that waiting in line, drinks and food ran out, and there was no way to get refunds for unused credit.

Despite the many complaints, there were some, especially those in VIP, who had a better experience than most. 

As for me who bought a Pen A ticket and still has $50 unused credit in my RFID wristband, the bittersweet experience has tainted the amazing performance Guns N' Roses did.


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