Lady spotted cleaning windows dangerously at Woodlands Horizon building

Imagine having a nice sip of hot coffee as you and your colleagues look out of the office windows to enjoy the view, you turn only to see someone standing on a ladder at the edge of a building to cleaning windows -- with no one supporting the ladder.

Sounds dangerous? Well it looks very dangerous too.

A Stomper and his colleagues witnessed this lady cleaning the fifth floor of their office building (Woodlands Horizon) at around 1pm today (Dec 22) and immediately started shouting at her to “be careful”, but she had ignored them.

According to the Stomper, the lady went on to clean the windows of the higher levels in the same dangerous way.

Said the Stomper:

“It looks very dangerous, something unwanted could happen to her -- like falling from a height.

“My colleagues and I shouted at her to be careful, and to stop , but she didn’t listen.

“Although I work at a construction site, this is really way too dangerous. She is not a trained person to clean the windows on the outside without any supervision, and someone should definitely teach/tell her to do it safely.

“I feel someone should be holding the ladder or she should be wearing the safety harness to clean the windows.”