Kid, you have no idea how close you came to being run over

They say, "life is all about taking risks", and this young man has certainly outdone himself this time. 

On October 6, 5:23pm at Bukit Batok Avenue 2, driver Steven Loon had the scare of his life when a boy suddenly dashed out onto the road and put himself in harm's way of getting run over. 

In the video provided by Steven on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road's Facebook page, the driver can be seen traveling past a public bus when the young risk-taker swiftly appeared from behind the bus and ran across the road. 

At first, the boy was oblivious to the oncoming vehicle and jaywalked with his eyes fixed straight ahead. 

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However, a few seconds later, the young man noticed Steven's car and immediately jumped onto the road driver. 

The boy then raised his hand in an attempt to offer his apology. 

Thankfully, driver Steven managed to step on the brakes in time and spared the reckless young man's life. What a close shave that was!