Kid wants to be the next Joseph schooling -- and boy does he have some neat skills!

Stomper JT sent Stomp a video showing a 3-year-boy who aspires to be the next Joseph Schooling when he grows up.

In the video, the Singaporean boy named Aden can be first seen executing maneuvers in a swimming pool.

The caption on the video stated that he can dive 3.6 metres and swim comfortably without floats.

And things don't end at swimming.

Aden also plays tennis. He idolises Novak Đoković and can perform volleys as well as forehand hits. 

But wait there's more. 

After the halfway mark of the video, the sporty 3-year can be seen playing golf at a driving range.

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Talented huh? Well, his penchant for sports does not end there.

Aden also plays hockey, table tennis, soccer, baseball, takes part in rock climbing, cycles, jumps on trampolines and jumps over hurdles. 

The video ends with a photo of him with the text: "I will work hard, wish me luck."

Aden certainly has the makings of a fine sportsman, and we wish him all the best in his pursuit of success!