'Kan cheong spider' screams at commuters to board the train faster, only to realise that train had been delayed

Submitted by Stomper Edmund

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When you’re in a rush, everything else suddenly seems slow, almost too slow.

Stomper Edmund shared with Stomp a video that was circulating on Facebook, showing an impatient and visibly agitated man who was yelling at fellow commuters to hurry up and board the train, attributing the train's delay to them being slow. 

In the video by Sure Boh Singapore, the man could be heard shouting:


“Hello…hello... faster!”

He then gestured to a fellow passenger, simply implying that he had been waiting a long time for the train to move off.

He went on to complain how slow the train was.

It was then a message was played over the broadcasting systems, reminding passengers that the train had been delayed.

The man, even more infuriated, started hurling vulgarities at the system, while some passengers could be heard laughing in the background.