Isn't it disrespectful to chant 'Sah Lak Gau' gang cheer during wedding?

Submitted by Stomper Andrew

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Stomper Andrew alerted Stomp to a video of a group of guys chanting the infamous "Sah Lak Gau" (369) gang cheer during a wedding procession. 

In the YouTube video, a man with a black shirt and a grey sling bag is seen happily leading the "Sah Lak Gau" (369) gang cheer at the top of their voices.

'Sah Lak Gau' (369) is one of the biggest and most prominent secret societies in Singapore.

Some of the wedding guests are seen looking rather perplexed as to what was going on, while the groom in red is seen at the back.

Do you think it is disrespectful to chant a gang cheer during a wedding? Let us now what you think in the comments section below.