The haze is back in Singapore as PSI levels reach unhealthy range

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PSI Updates as at 6pm:

24-hr PSI: 82 - 112
3-hr PSI: 127

Original article:

Bad news, the haze is back.

Stomper Stephen was greeted by grey skies and a burning smell after he woke up in his flat at 493 Admiralty Link this morning (Aug 28) at around 8am.

He snapped a photo of his surroundings from his HDB unit and sent it to Stomp.

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Said Stephen in a telephone interview:

"Usually I am able to see Johor Bahru from the flat.

"Today however it was blocked by the grey skies.

"The haze was not so bad the past few days. Today things got worse."

As at 1pm, the 3-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) was 198, reaching the unhealthy level, according to the National Environmental Agency's (NEA) website.

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