Irresponsible 503A Canberra Link resident creates rubbish heap at void deck

Submitted by Stomper Dave

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Dave spotted this messy sight at the void deck of  503A Canberra Link today (Nov 14) at  around 11am.

Trash was strewn all over the floor and it angered the Stomper, who said that the block was normally kept very clean and that he usually "loved the environment and the cleanliness" there.

The Stomper said: "Our block's cleanliness duties are taken care of by an elderly lady who does a good job. Now this poor elderly lady has to clean up after your mess. Do you do this to your elderly mother/ relatives/friends?"

Dave also asked the irresponsible resident  to "have a heart" and clear the litter to ensure that their block was "a happy place to socialise and to live in".