Inconsiderate youths prevent other patrons from getting a table at Starbucks by leaving their belongings and disappearing for lunch

Submitted by Stomper Bear

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Stomper Bear was frustrated at a group of youths who were hogging a table at the Seletar Mall Starbucks today (September 10).

The Stomper said that he was at the coffee joint from 1.45pm when he saw the group leave their belongings at the table before going for lunch at the foodcourt, depriving others from getting a table.

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Said the Stomper:

"Patrons saw the belongings and after failing to get a table, just left.

"I saw one speaking to one of the staff but they couldn't do anything.

"The three kids returned at 2.30pm after 45 minutes away to occupy the place and carry on with their own activities."

The Stomper said he left shortly after an does not know how long the youths stayed at the cafe.