IDA apologises for accidentally posting outgoing employee's name in recruitment ad

Friday, Jun 17, 2016

The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) has apologised for mistakenly publishing an outgoing employee's name when posting recruitment advertisements on various job portals.

In the advertisement, which was for a permanent position at the statutory board, the vacancy had been given the job title: "Replacement for Kenneth Yeo Wee".

In a statement on Facebook on Friday (June 17), IDA explained that the mistake was made by one of its human resource (HR) team members, who was new to the recruitment publishing tool.

"The HR staff officer who committed the error has also been counselled and we are reviewing our procedures to ensure that this does not happen again," the authority said.

It added that it had since apologised unreservedly to Mr Yeo, and regrets any unhappiness caused.

Although subsequently taken down from the recruitment portals, the lapse was seized upon by netizens and screenshots were quickly posted on a number of online forums.

One Facebook page even created a meme based on the error.

The mistake also triggered various reactions on social media, with a number of users pointing out the irony that it was the organisation in charge of regulating the IT industry in Singapore that had made such an error.