'I Stomp you': See how people react to 'saman aunties' in S'pore

Most people aren't usually fans of parking enforcement officers.

This applies even when you are an errant driver who somehow insist on parking illegally and yet complain upon getting a fine.

A video circulating on Facebook show the funny yet accurate ways that people react whenever the dreaded 'saman auntie' is in the vicinity.

One driver, played by actor Edwin Goh, begs for another chance, only to turn nasty when the summons officer gives him a ticket anyway by whipping out his phone and threatening to 'Stomp' her.

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The amusing clip is actually a scene from local movie '3688', directed by Royston Tan and starring Joi Chua.

The musical-comedy film is about a 38-year-old parking attendant who dreams of becoming a singer like her namesake and childhood idol, Feng Fei Fei.