I might be 'Johorean' -- but I'm so proud to hold this great flag and celebrate National Day!

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Stomper Red Dot might be from Malaysia -- but he is just as excited as everyone to celebrate Singapore's 51st birthday with his family.

This is especially so, since he's has had children born in Singapore in the past few years on special occasions.

Calling for everyone to get ready for SG51, the Stomper said:

"I'm born as a 'Johorean' but I'm proud to hold the 'Great Flag' for the very first time and celebrate SG51 with my two Singaporean kids of SG48 (National Day Baby) and SG50 (Children's Day).

"Well, I'm ready for this blast [of a] moment. How about you, fellow Singaporeans? Are you ready for the countdown? For a once-a-year awesome memory to be added on?

"COME ON!! #1weekplustogo #celebrateSG51 #JohoreanofSingaporean #lovetobeSingaporeanmorethananyMalaysian #proudofbeingsettlingonthegreatREDDOT."

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