I love Singapore because...

Low Yi Qian
SPH Razor
29 July 2016

I love Singapore because... where else on earth can you chow down some foie gras and a bowl of bak chor mee at the same eatery?

I'm a food reporter, so that's just me.

Across the globe, our Singaporean viewers in various world cities - as well  here at home - also chimed in with very personal reasons starting with: "I love Singapore because..."

With selfie videos streaming in from cities like New York and Taipei, Singaporeans from all walks of life came together in a virtual space in this ode to this place we call home.

A chance for a chest-thumping celebration of our nation's 51st birthday, if you will.

("There was a time when people said / That Singapore won't make it / But we did.")

The result is a video clip that will warm the cockles of your heart. Homesick Singaporeans, this is for you, too.

Happy 51st, Singapore!  

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