"I found out my husband was sleeping with social escorts and having cybersex with other women"

Jo Upcraft
Simply Her
August 11, 2016

Besides having virtual sex, this woman's husband was also sleeping with social escorts. As told to Simply Her writer Jo Upcraft:

“While trying to find an old t-shirt to clean our flat with, I dived into a pile of my fiance’s clothes in the corner of our bedroom, and came across bank statements from an account I wasn’t aware of. The transactions showed hundreds of dollars deposited into a well-known escort agency. 

"I felt so numb. I couldn’t even cry. I sat on our bed, staring into space, playing the past five years of our relationship in my head – had there been signs? Maybe he hadn’t had sex with these women? 

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"I confronted him two nights later at our home. He denied everything. After hours of discussion, sobbing, anger and lies, he admitted he’d been sleeping with escorts for the past year and also having cybersex with women over a videocam. 

"He claimed he couldn’t remember how many, and that he ‘thought I knew’. I was physically sick in the bathroom before I walked out. I kept my engagement ring but I never went back to him.”

*Heng Wai Ling, 30

*Names have been changed.

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