PSA responds to Stomp query about huge container truck being hoisted up by crane

Submitted by Stomper Arjun

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Stomper Arjun alerted Stomp to a photo that has been circulating on WhatsApp showing a crane lifting a container -- with the truck still attached. 

According to the Stomper, the photo was taken on Wednesday night (Mar 29) at PSA.

The Stomper said:

"The crane operator forgot to check if the trailer was unlocked, and moved the container along with the whole vehicle." 

In response to queries by Stomp, a PSA Corporate Spokesperson issued a formal statement regarding the incident:

"The safety of our staff and other port users is a key consideration in our terminal operations.

"The incident occurred as the trailer twistlocks were not unlocked before the container was handled by the bridge crane as required by SOP.

"We continue to review operational processes, strengthen training and reiterate in briefings the importance of safe operations."

Stomp understands that no one was injured during the incident.