How 41-year-old S'pore guy went from smoking 20 cigarettes a day to running 160km a week

Alex Koh, one of the top trial runners in Singapore, used to be a heavy smoker puffing away up to 20 cigarettes a day. 

That however was just one of the bad habits in his unhealthy lifestyle.

He started working in 2002 and kept a lot of late nights. Irregular meals also made him gain more weight than he would have liked.

The turning point came 2004 when Alex received a less-than-favourable medical report. Alex decided to quit smoking thereafter and started to do some recreational running as well as serious gym workouts.

The 41-year-old said in a recent interview with regard to his newfound love for running then:

“Just learn to creep before you walk, I decided to increase my mileage slowly. Every beginner should be patient.”

“I only started running seriously in 2012, like doing marathons and ultra-marathons.” 

His new lifestyle has reaped him rewards.

Alex came in fourth in 2016 MSIG Singapore 50 marathon. He is now looking forward to the 2017 MSIG Sai Kung 50 in Hong Kong this Saturday.
As an experienced runner, Alex keeps to a special training plan.

Running is his means of transportation to work. Alex started running to his office from his home since 2014.

“It was tough to wake up early for running and I felt tired in the rest of the day thereafter," the avid runner said.

However, with determination and conditioning, Alex got used to the routine. With his schedule, he can run up to 160km a week, a feat most will find impressive.

Alex has also acknowledged the support that those around him have provided.

Said the marathoner:

“It is important to have the support and understanding of your family, company and superiors if you want to achieve your goals.”