How much it probably costs to prepare Joseph Schooling for the Olympics: It's more expensive than you think

19 Aug 2016

A coveted first-ever Olympic gold medal and an eternal glory for beating US swimming champion Michael Phelps at the 100-metre butterfly finals - this is what Joseph Schooling, the golden boy of Singapore, has achieved for his country.

The 21-year-old's road to victory, however, wasn't an easy or cheap one.

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Aside from the hard work and training, how much does it actually cost to produce an Olympic champion? According to financial news site Asia Finance, it is a $1.34 million investment.

This amount is slightly more than double that of what Schooling gets to take home. According to Dollars and Sense, Schooling will get to keep $650,000 of his $1 million prize money, after income tax and a 20 per cent contribution to the National Sports Association are deducted.

See the gallery above for Asia Finance's break down of how much it costs to produce an Olympic champion.