How inconsiderate: Cyclists chain their bikes to fire hydrants at Boon Lay Place Market

Submitted by Stomper Jamie

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Stomper Jamie was passing by Boon Lay Place Market & Food Centre on Sunday (Sep 18) at 9.15am when he noticed two bicycles chained to a fire hydrant.

Though the bicycles are not parked there anymore, Jamie says he will continue to keep a lookout on the area to check if this is a recurring situation.

“Not only does this hinder firefighter efforts, but it also jeopardises public property and the lives of people,” says Jamie.

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According to the SCDF’s fire safety guidelines for HDB estates, obstruction of fire fighting equipment (e.g dry risers & hose reels) along common corridors can seriously hamper firefighting efforts and smooth evacuation in times of a fire emergency, endangering lives.

Though the following situation did not take place at an HDB estate, we are sure the same rules apply.

We advise cyclists to stay clear of chaining their bikes to fire fighting equipment or random public property, and stick to parking them at their appropriate allocated places instead.