Inconsiderate Silversea Condo residents use handicap lot in their carpark as trolley collection point

A netizen has hit out at residents staying at Silversea Condominium in Marine Parade after seeing a long row of shopping trolleys on a disabled parking lot in the condominium's carpark.

The netizen, Tan Kim Leng, was upset as the trolleys were obstructing the disabled lot. 

In a photo he posted on Facebook, around 25 trolleys can be seen on the lot below a sign showing a person on a wheelchair.

Said the netizen:

"Inconsiderate Silversea residents kept the trolleys at the private condo basement carpark. 

"Not just one but many and they obstructed the disabled lot. 

"Who is going push them back? Can afford buy/rent expensive condo but cannot afford to buy a marketing trolley." 

Other netizens have also reacted to the photo criticising those responsible for the inconsiderate act. 

The Facebook post has garnered more than 150 shares after it was published.

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