Honda driver at Jurong East carpark skilfully demonstrates how you should not park your car

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Stomper Ivy was near Block 246 in Jurong East yesterday (Nov 13) at around 5.15pm when she saw a Honda that parked way outside demarcated parking lots.

Photos the Stomper sent show the stationary blue-coloured car beside a patch of grass. No one was in the car when the photos were taken.

Ivy told Stomp that she was baffled at the driver's actions as there were empty lots nearby.

She left a note on the driver's windshield which read:

"Disgraceful. This Honda Civic Type R park like this can meh?

"Not even a lot or a handicapped lot or a loading bay, got special privilege?

"Anyway you have been Stomped!!"

The blue car was still at the carpark when Ivy left at around 5.45pm.