Hilarious henna tattoos at Geylang Bazaar look like they're done by kindergarten kids!

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A mother was more than disappointed when she saw the results of her henna artwork -- which she felt was totally not worth $35.

Stomper Momo​ shared her experience after deciding to do henna tattoos at a Geylang Serai stall yesterday (June 16).

She got a dream catcher on her upper back for $35, and her son got the emblem of Superman on the back of his palm for $15.

However, the result was a colorful 'drawing' that did not look like regular, natural henna. The Stomper remarked that it looked like "3 tadpole enjoy eating passion fruit".

She shared in a Facebook post to warn her friends.

" ​Look how badly this is donel?! You called this a dream catcher???? Paid $35 for this s**t piece of henna that looked like passion fruit??? 

"The blue part its suppose to look like feather, but what is that? Caterpillar??? Blue slug??? 3 tadpole enjoy eating passion fruit???"

According to her, they used a very "smart tactic". Momo says that the staff made all customers pay before drawing the henna. 

When she asked for refund upon seeing it, they said, "No, it's already drawn on your body."

"Their stall is the most noisiest stall. Blast loud music and lure customers to their stall to get their henna done by using a mic," she added.

After her post gained some attention on Facebook, another user messaged her to say that she went through a similar experience.

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