We want to hear your wittiest pick-up lines! If you've come across brilliant ones like this, share them with us!

Pick-up lines. Some call them cheesy, but if you do it well, you might just end up getting acquainted with a potential significant other.

Stomp recently featured a video showing a Taiwanese dude approaching random females on the street and getting their attention with short but clever pick-up lines. 

He has clearly demonstrated that sometimes, all you need to pull-off a pick-up line is confidence and a little wit.

Inspired by his success, we approached people on the street and asked them to share some of the most memorable pick-up lines that they have heard.

Even our editor also jumped onto the bandwagon, or pick-up truck if you will, and shared some of his own:

"You must have been The Singapore Flyer in your past life, because you make my world go round.

"Are you working at McDonald's? Because when I look at your face, I'm lovin' it"

Several Stompers who have been entertained by the article and video also gave us some pick-up lines via WhatsApp and Facebook.

Here are some that we have received:

"Hello, my name is Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?"

"Hey, can we take a picture together? I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas"

"Is there any airport nearby? Because my heart is flying for you."

"Are you using Singtel? Becuz u made my 心跳 (xin tiao when pronounced in Mandarin)"

Brilliant don't you think?

Now we would like to hear some of the most memorable pick-up lines that you have come across or have used before. If you have one that you've thought of, that's even better!

Type them in the comments below or you can share them with us on the comments section of this article on our Facebook page. 

Check out the video below if you some inspiration.