Heroic man helps to nab alleged attacker in stabbing incident at VivoCity food court

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A Stomper was eating with his family at VivoCity's food court when he witnessed a stabbing incident today (Feb 26). 

According to him, it was quite the scene as a woman was allegedly stabbed quite a few times, but no one dared to help -- except one hero. 

The Stomper commended the heroic man in red and grey shirt  for stopping the alleged assailant from further attacking her. The man also helped to nab him and stop him from running away. 

While waiting for the paramedics to arrive, the man attended to the stab victim by trying to stop her bleeding and keeping her conscious. 

In the photos, the paramedics have arrived and can be seen attending to the woman, who is blocked from view.

Police can be seen questioning the alleged attacker in red.

The Stomper said tha the security guards around the area proceeded to shoo diners away from the scene.

"Must commend this guy who attended to the victim and even handled the attacker!" the Stomper said.