Here's why you shouldn't cheat and not pay 10-cent toilet entry fee

Titled '10cents', this short horror film by Viddsee perfectly illustrates why some public toilets have an entry fee, and one should always pay before entering. 

The story begins with a back view of two tough-looking girls walking, as eerie Chinese music blasts from a radio. 

The girls eventually stop by a public restroom with an entry fee of 10 cents. 

Meanwhile, an old uncle who is in-charge of collecting the entry fee is fast asleep outside the toilet, unaware that the girls are right in front of him. 

Seeing that the uncle is in deep sleep, one of the girls decides to cheat and not pay the 10 cents entry fee. 

However, strange things start to unfold as the girl encounters soft cries and an unexpected presence in the toilet. 

Watch the video below.

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