You might have seen this car around: Vandalism or publicity stunt?

Submitted by Stomper Philip and Sandra

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How would you feel if your car got vandalised with vulagarites all over?

Stompers Philip and Sandra spotted this car parked right outside Amoy Street Food Centre during their respective lunch times today (Oct 21) and were concerned for the car owner.

The car was vandalised with phrases, "U don't CB lah" and "Super CB" with the words "CB" plastered in a hot pink colour.

"Clearly this guy pissed someone off," said Stomper Philip.

However, this was later discovered to be part of a marketing campaign by, a Singaporebased wholesale printing company.

If you notice the car closely, you will realise there is a little '.sg' accompanying the phrases in a smaller font.

Have you seen this car around?