Have you seen my brown wallet? It contains $2,000 that I must return my boss by next week

A Stomper lost his brown-coloured wallet yesterday night (Aug 26) at around 7pm and is appealing for help to locate it.

The Stomper is unsure exactly where he last saw the wallet but suspects that he might have misplaced it at either Serangoon, Bencoolen or along Middle Road.

More details of the wallet's contents were reported to us by the Stomper's sister.

She told Stomp via WhatsApp:

"There's about $2,000 cash inside that my brother was supposed to deposit for his boss. 

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"There's also company ATM card, his personal ATM card, six bank cards, his IC and his driving licence.

"His boss is giving him until next week to deposit the money. 

"Please help my brother. He's only a driver and cannot afford to lose the money."

Kindly contact Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg if you have any information about the missing wallet.

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