Guns N' Roses' iconic plane spotted at Changi Airport: If you have photos and videos of them, share it with us!

Submitted by Stomper Zi Hao, Seow Hong, Russell

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The legendary hard rock band Guns N' Roses has arrived in Singapore.

For those who have been living under a rock, the band were behind classic hits like Sweet Child O' Mine, Paradise City and November Rain.

Several Stompers took photos of the band's iconic plane at Changi Airport and sent them to us via WhatsApp.

One of the Stompers said that the plane carrying the band members arrived at Changi Airport yesterday (Feb 22) at around 7pm.

Guns N' Roses is in town for their first-ever concert in Singapore. This rock-and-roll extravaganza will take place this Saturday (Feb 25) at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

If you manage to snap photos or videos of the band in Singapore, send them to us!

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