Group of youths attack boy: Members of the public share their thoughts

Submitted by Stomper Veera, Raez, Zianna, Kenny,  Nasslina, Esther, and Helene

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Remember the recent viral video that feature a group of youths bashing up a young boy? The Stomp team recently took to the streets to find out what the public has to say about this situation, and bullying in general.

Stomp was alerted to the video by Stompers Veera, Raez, Zianna, Kenny, Nasslina, Esther, and Helene on Thursday (Nov 10) via WhatsApp and Facebook.

The video showed a young boy being badly beaten up by a group of youths at a staircase landing.

The boys were also seen taking turns to bash up the helpless teen, pinning him to the wall -- punching, kneeing and kicking him to the ground. One is also seen jumping on his legs while he's on the ground.

One of the attackers later revealed the cause of the fight: 

"He (victim) kept boasting he belonged to a big group. And he also said insulting things about me and my family."

Though it was not right for the victim to insult the attacker's family members, should the attackers have handled the situation using violence?

Watch the following video as the Stomp team takes the streets, where members of the public share their thoughts on the assault.