Massive jam at Changi Airport due to 9 car pile-up causes inconvenience to drivers and tourists

Submitted by Stomper Steven

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A massive traffic jam at Changi Airport yesterday (Dec 15) night due to a 9 car pile-up had caused great inconvenience to overseas tourists and drivers till wee hours of the morning. 

Stomper Steven was one of those who was caught in the jam, and recounted his unpleasant experience to Stomp.

Said Steven: 

"The jam caused many tourists and taxi drivers to be stuck at the airport till late in the night. 

"I even saw that one fire engine was caught up in the massive jam as well. A lane had to be closed due to a 9 car pile-up. 

"I hope the tourists would not think that they are at Woodlands causeway, where jams are a norm." 

In the video provided by the Stomper below, Traffic Police (TP) officers and a police car are seen stationed at the road accident scene.