GrabCar driver accepts trip from cemetery -- only to realise it is a prank when he reaches location

Yet another prank gone too far, literally. 

According to All Singapore Stuff, a GrabCar driver received a pickup at a Muslim cemetery on Oct 11 late morning and drove far in, only to find out that he had been made a fool of. 

The poor driver took to Facebook to talk about this unfortunate incident. 

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Said the driver: 

"Ask me drive there... Reach path 1 call no answer then cancel... Can hear background people laughing." 

This is not the first case of such GrabCar pranks here.

A few months ago in July, GrabCar has "permanently banned" a man who has been harassing Grab drivers since November last year.

Though no one knows what the prankster's objective in tricking a taxi driver is, but the Stomp team hopes that some prankers should know that their mindless actions have consequences.