GrabCar bans cabby Stomp reported on who harassed Grab drivers by making fake bookings

GrabCar has "permanently banned" a man who has been harassing Grab drivers since November last year.

Stomp reported the man's shenanigans where he would make fake bookings and bring drivers on a wild goose chase.

He would make bookings to remote locations like Pulau Ubin and Tuas.

Once the driver arrives, he would send them in circles to different blocks before making excuses like his 'office got fire' and that he could not wait any longer.

By forcing drivers to cancel the booking, it affects their cancellations rate and reduce the the incentive payment they receive from Grab.

According to The Straits Times, the prank caller has been identified as Mr Peter Quek and is understood to be a driver with SMRT Taxis.

He is believed to be in his 30s or 40s.

A Grab spokesman said:

"We take a very serious view on abuse of our platform. Abusers of our platform, be it a driver or passenger, will have their access to the platform revoked, and severe cases escalated to law enforcers."

Apart from sending Grab drivers on a wild goose chase, Mr Quek also left sexist comments on female drivers in WhatsApp messaging groups and Facebook discussion groups.

GrabCar driver Eliza Shen said that he would call her 'chio bu' and post photos of her son he took from her Facebook account, even after she told him not to do so.