Gotcha! Female driver conveniently litters on Stomper's car -- without realising she was being recorded

Stomper Joe saw two similar leaflets on his car this morning (Oct 30) at the multi-storey car park of Block 348A in Yishun.

Curious as to why this happened, he went to check the footage recorded by his vehicle's dashboard camera.

It turned out that at around 7.15pm yesterday, a female driver had taken a leaflet on her car and placed it on the hood of the Stomper's vehicle . Her car was parked beside Joe's.

She then drove off with her male companion thereafter. 

Said Stomper Joe in an email and a telephone interview:

"The woman conveniently left the leaflet on my car as her partner was checking on a summons slip that had been left on her vehicle.

"Not so cool, driver of SGX6713C, for littering on somebody else's car.