4 people, 1 motorcycle: S'pore family's unique way of travelling without a car

A video of a father’s unconventional way of transporting his three children has sparked safety and legal concerns.

The video, posted on Roads.sg and credited to Benjamin Tann, shows a man riding a modified Vespa, with one child riding pillion behind him. Two more children sit inside the sidecar.

All of them are wearing helmets and the father is noted to be driving at a safe speed of around 60 to 70kmh.

Netizens’ responses to the video have been divided.

Some are lauding the father for his innovative and economical way of transporting his family, while others are concerned for the family’s safety.

According to Asiaone, Vespa sidecars here have to be modified to conform to LTA regulations. Sidecars may not be used on expressways and in the MCE tunnel.

Watch the video below.