Founder of GrapplerAsia needs brain surgery to remove tumor in pituitary gland

According to GIVEasia, Derrick Fonsah is probably a familiar face in Southeast Asia's grappling scene as the founder of GrapplerAsia, which organises grappling tournaments in Singapore and also hold education programs for both kids and adults. 

He has been selflessly bringing people from different backgrounds together and he rarely asks for much but this time he needs our help. 

In September, Derrick was diagnosed with Acromegaly, a condition that results from excess growth hormone, due to a tumor in the pituitary gland, located in the brain.

The tumor has to be removed by February 2017 and it costs $30,000 since he is a foreigner in Singapore. Insurance however, does not cover this procedure. 

He was often teased for his large hands and facial features assumed to be a results of grappling but these were actually symptoms of Acromegaly. 

Fortunately, the tumor was detected on a MRI scan. 

For those who wants to make a donation, please visit the website