Floor tiles 'pop out' of ground at Beauty World MRT Station

Replacement works are being carried out within parts of Beauty World MRT Station on the Downtown Line.

According to Stomper Paul, this is due to the granite floor tiles 'popping out' of the ground and having to be changed.

Paul has expressed concerns over the incident, which he says has been going on in various sections of the MRT station ever since April:

Referring to the two photos he sent, the Stomper said:

"Two places at Downtown Line's Beauty World MRT Station where the granite tiles popped out and had to be changed. This is the fourth time.

"From April to today, I've seen this barricaded area in several different places of the station, from its entrance to the ticket turnstiles.

"I hope it's not a result of hastened and shoddy work. I worry that the floor may one day sink as I commute this way daily for work."

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