Female director on ex-BF's motorbike gets run over by lorry and undergoes 20 operations in 5 years

A 41-year-old female director was riding on her ex-boyfriend’s motorbike and en route to visit her father in a hospital when she got hit by a lorry, resulting in multiple injuries.

She has since sought a $1100,000 compensation from her ex-boyfriend and the lorry driver citing:

“I had to undergo 20 surgeries in just five years! 

“The accident ruined my life.”

The accident happened on Jul 12, 2011 at around 5.55pm, at a junction between Woodlands Avenue 12 and Avenue 5, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The victim told reporters that she had received a call from her father who was hospitalised in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and was rushing down to see him when the accident occurred. 

She had chosen to ride with her ex-boyfriend only because she could not find her own car keys. 

Unfortunately, disaster struck when a lorry which was turning right collided with their bike, and the victim was pinned beneath the vehicle. 

She was conveyed to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for treatment.

Said the victim:

“When I awoke, my entire body was in pain. 

“The doctors informed me that I had multiple bone fractures all over my body.

“The condition of my right leg was especially bad; the bones had been crushed totally.”

At one point, a doctor advised her to amputate her right leg but the victim would not agree:

“For the next five years, I had at least 20 surgeries.

“It’s a kind of pain that I find it hard to put in words.”

The victim commented that the accident had ruined her entire life and even now, she has to walk slowly and the scar on her right leg would never disappear.

What was more painful though, was the time lost; time that she could have spent with her father.  

To compensate her loss, the victim took to court to seek S$1,105,650 from her ex-boyfriend and the lorry driver:

“The case has dragged on for more than five years already.

“I hope this will be resolved soon, so I can get back the compensation I deserve and start my life afresh.”

Two and a half years after the accident, the victim had yet to recover fully, although she resumed working from home.

She also arranged for her employees to work from her home.

The victim also revealed that as mobility was an issue, she could not meet many clients outside.

As such, she had to give up on many business deals:

“Despite everything, my employees did not give up on me.

“I’m grateful to them.”