Woman allegedly takes all the money in cash register -- just 4 days after starting work

A female cashier at an entertainment establishment pocketed all the money from the cash registry just four days after starting work. 

The incident happened on Wednesday (May 10) at around 3pm, at a shop in Woodlands, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The 23-year-old suspect allegedly stole almost $600, while her boyfriend helped to keep a lookout outside.

The entire process was captured by a surveillance camera. 

Footage from the CCTV showed that the suspect had waited for her boyfriend to walk out before taking out all the coins and placing them into her pockets.

Next, she proceeded to take all the notes as well, before leaving.

A 20-year-old male colleague told reporters that he felt guilty as he had recommended the suspect for the position.

He said that the suspect was a sister of his friend, and was embroiled in family disputes recently. 

Knowing that she was unemployed, he recommended the job to her. 

On her second day of work, the colleague discovered $16 missing as he was checking the accounts, but had written it off as an error due to the suspect’s inexperience.

On her third day, the colleague once again found $24 missing, and this time, he told her to be careful and not to make such a mistake again.

Little did he suspect what was to come.

On her fourth day, she stole all the money from the cash register. 

The colleague added that the suspect was originally supposed to work until 8pm, but had left at 3pm on the day of the theft, leaving no one to man the establishment until the colleague who was on the night shift showed up at around 7pm.

Upon discovery that both the suspect and money from the cash registry were missing, the colleague immediately called the police. 

In her absence, some drinks were also stolen from the fridge.

The case is currently under police investigation.