Feeling 'sian' over the MRT breakdowns? Check out Stomp's guide to surviving train delays

On a list of things Singaporeans dread, train breakdowns and delays probably rank somewhere near the top.

For those of you who find yourself stuck on board an MRT train during the next breakdown (choy!) however, fret not!

In response to the train delays that have drawn the ire of commuters over the past week, Stomp has come up with a video showing what you can do if you fall victim to the next breakdown.

For many, surfing Facebook might be an activity that comes to mind when they find themselves stranded in a stationary train.

Sure, but why stop there? Why not use the time for some 'research' on a crush?

No crush? Well, you can use your time productively and search for one on Tinder!

And yes you might think, "huh tunnel got phone connection meh"?

Don't worry, we've got that covered as well. There are tons of things you can do even without your 3G and WiFi.

Ok, we will let the video do the talking from here. Check out Stomp's guide to surviving a train breakdown in the video below.