FAKE: Circulated WhatsApp message claiming that kopitiam patrons will be fined $200 if they throw used tissue into stall utensils

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has dispelled a rumour circulating on WhatsApp, regarding $200 fines issued out to patrons of hawker centres and coffeeshops who threw used tissues into stall utensils after finishing their food. 

The message on WhatsApp further revealed that a friend of the author had been subjected to the fine recently.

NEA has issued an official statement.

In a post on their Facebook page, the NEA said:

“NEA is aware of a message circulating online which claims that leaving behind your used tissue in your bowl, plate or cup will lead to a $200 fine from NEA. 

“We would like to clarify that NEA has not been issuing fines for such acts.

“ NEA would however like to remind members of the public to dispose of their rubbish properly after their meals as an act of graciousness towards cleaners and other patrons.”